Re-Election: Campaign staffer Jamie must figure out how to reverse a defeat on election day in order to escape reliving the day over and over.


Red Winter is a sci-fi epic about a teenaged girl struggling to survive, adapt, and overcome after a rocket storm destroys her family farm, on Mars.

Rear Naked Choke is a fight drama set in Southern California about a one-legged mixed martial arts fighter who needs to break away from his dependency on his twin brother and win a fight contract.

Shahada is a psychological drama about an isolated young American woman recruited online by an ISIS agent.

Ursula Minor is a horror/sci-fi about an infertile genetic scientist who struggles for her identity and her life when the clone she creates destroys everything she loves.

The One-Inch Rule is a romantic comedy about two best friends who cross an intimate boundary and struggle with their new relationship.

The Motorman is a horror/thriller feature about an insomniac subway controller who sees a ghost on the tracks and ventures into the tunnels to discover the secret of her death.

Latex is a raunchy sex comedy about two college guys on a quest for non-latex condoms during a Spring Break condom shortage.

Levison is a biopic about Stanley Levison, a quiet Jewish lawyer from Brooklyn who was a member of the American Communist Party and Martin Luther King's chief fundraiser and closest white advisor.

God's Country is a psychological thriller about two detectives who must set aside their hatred of each other to find two Mormon missionaries kidnapped by a sadistic torture killer.

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic romance about a love triangle that forms when a soldier comes home after a year at war to find his best friend and his wife living together in a fallout shelter.

Television pilots

Border War is a six-episode political thriller about two brothers—one a cartel enforcer, the other an Army sergeant—fighting on opposite sides of the modern-day border war in El Paso, Texas. Border War is an adaptation of my novel Bridge of the Americas.

The Last Station: The scattered remnants of humanity cluster in fortified communities called Stations along the last surviving rail lines and form loose federations of mutually-supporting trade routes, but a powerful warlord threatens their freedom with his armored war-train and unlimited supply of liquid fuel.

Jack Candle:  An ex-Special Forces medic with unwanted supernatural powers teams up with a beautiful psychic to fight the paranormal entity that has kidnapped his daughter.

The Real Astronauts of Mars: A former NASA shuttle pilot leads five reality show stars on a Mars mission sponsored by a billionaire industrialist who's just trying to get rid of his bad-boy son.

Froomies:  Amanda, an in-and-out-of-work actress, and Davie, her tool belt-and-bikini-wearing roommate, fight for space in their tiny Hollywood apartment when Amanda’s best friend Jeff shows up at their door with a big fern and a bigger suitcase.

Arthur and Gwen:  Young Arthur and Guenevere must rescue Princess Mary from Lord Claudus before her freezes the Kingdom of Cameliard in eternal winter.

Armed:  A New Orleans vice detective's widow discovers a secret about her murdered husband and uses it to seek vengeance on his killers.


Superior Position (ISBN: 978-0425203903, Berkley, 2005): Deputy Sheriff Bill Tatum never expected murder to mar the sleepy town of Belmont, Colorado. A former Army sniper, Tatum knows the killer is not madman but a trained, precise sharpshooter, who's very familiar with the local terrain. But why was the reporting Gayle Whippany killed?

Fair Game (ISBN: 978-0515140675, Jove, 2006): Sheriff Bill Tatum knows this no hunting accident - not is the suicide the killer made it appear to be. Rumor has it that the victim's son Jerry, Tatum's deputy, may have bumped off the old man for his money. But after nearly losing his life to his corrupt predecessor, Tatum has his doubts about everyone's innocence...


MA, English (Creative Writing-Fiction), University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2008 

BS, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, 1993